Timeline of ournews

Timeline of ournews.mobi = 74 hits as of November 28th when added to video clips on ten sites


  • Google = 10,600 for neuage (second) 1,260 for terrell neuage.
  • Lycos 1,450 neuage (first)  653 for terrell neuage.
  • Altavista 4,140 neuage (first)  1230 for terrell neuage.
  • Yahoo 2,200 for neuage (first)  1220 for terrell neuage.
  • MSN  806 for neuage (first)  274 for terrell neuage.
  • Netscape 299 for neuage (second) 137 for terrell neuage.
  • searchmash.com (google’s “secret site”)= 10,400 for neuage (second) 908 for terrell neuage.

Year to November 28 2006 Basis:  171198 Page Views

neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 2082
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 871
neuage.org/terrell.html 691
neuage.org/ODAM.htm 644
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/laugh_in_french.htm 599
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/umbrella.htm 579
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/you_took.htm 541
neuage.info/textuality/may2000/romo/may02/romo5-02.html 474
neuage.org/picture_poems/better.html 471
neuage.org/picture_poems/born2.html 463
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/playing_by_the_sea.htm 448
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/your_nails.htm 395
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/memories.htm 389
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/bandit.htm 336
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/glow.html 336
neuage.org/picture_poems/black.html 317
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/predicted.htm 304

July Basis:  17918 Page Views

neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 249
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/umbrella.htm 90
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/you_took.htm 79
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 76

August Basis:  19649 Page Views

neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 454
neuage.org/ODAM.htm 71
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 71
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/laugh_in_french.htm 61
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/you_took.htm 59

September Basis:  21460 Page Views

neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 460
neuage.org/picture_poems/zebra.html 112
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 111
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/laugh_in_french.htm 99
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/you_took.htm 95
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/your_nails.htm 85

October Basis:  24984 Page Views

neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 334
neuage.org/All.htm 282
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 163
neuage.org/ODAM.htm 84
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/you_took.htm 72
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/laugh_in_french.htm 71
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/memories.htm 65


November 1-28 Basis:  41091 Page Views

neuage.org/All.htm 182
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/windows_open.htm 145
neuage.org/picture_poems/balloon.html 120
neuage.org/terrell.html 101
neuage.org/picture_poems/romantic/kisses.htm 81


5th. Narda’s school wanted PC back

6th.. Narda took PC back

7th. Got PC back

18th. registered our-newsletter.info http://ournews.mobi/about.html

19th. four plus hours on our-newsletter.info added mobile to it

26th. began Illustrator CS3

28th. Illustrator and Fireworks 8


12th. registered neuage.mobi

13th. began working on neuage.mobi

13th Registered our-news.mobi

16th. registered ournews.mobi

17th. began using GoLive CS2

18th. told Claude Anderson about idea she suggested registering for SEAP

25th last day of Flash 8 installed flash lite and used emulator for examples of mobile phones

28th. HopeValley Newsletter

29th. registered HVUC.mobi

30th. SEAP thingy at Brooklyn library


1st. 250 more RAM – (worked on story most of day)

Started MMS using HVUC.mobi – 29th

2nd. Added E-Mail news@hvuc.mobi 21zakut3

           Added search at $5 per month  $100 costs so far for hvuc = $60 one year search + $39 two –year domain name.

3rd. sitemaps  – all  – spent about six hours http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

5. six newsletters for Hope Valley Church

6.   two newsletters for Hope Valley Church

7. Individual pages linked from http://hvuc.mobi/URLs.htm

8. made ad see neuage.org/ad.html and put on about 20 sites including many old sites – seven hours and added to Google maps and etc

9. Used GoLive most of day


10. text lists of sites for robots sitemaps see below

   made mailbox  information@ournews.mobi

12th Sunday created ‘family album’ in ournews with Narda – about six hours

13th Monday worked on embedding videos all day – making page for each video

14th Tuesday morning added all ournews sites to sitemaps put 37 videos in the album pages into ournews giving 89 urls in ournews so far. To theidealschool afternoon – 3 PM found out about La Salle position

15th. Began learning C++ using tutorials and downloaded Visual C++ 2005 express

Submitted to Google sitemaps (updates) geocities (25 pages previous), neuage.org (306), ournews (4), hvuc (34),

Downloaded visual basic 2005 express

16th  interview at La Salle afternoon

Began sitemaps on 1and1

HVUC issue 19/11

17th visual basic tutorial and some C++

19th sitemap for spymac into google

C++ tutorial online

20th in the morning before going to La Salle for second visit – downloaded java – bean listened to tutorials on java

Afternoon tried to do sitemap for geocities = 194 urls

23rd Wednesday told didn’t have LaSalle job

25th realized had Internet on cell phone whilst in Cape Cod

26th Narda did her myspace  set up a myspace for Leigh

27th Monday started photo album with slide.com

added put Leigh’s photos on his myspace; our travel on ournews – album; and started several other social networks and uploaded our trip photos to them

November 05 2006, terrell neuage. ournewsdotmobi

1)     xanga
2)     hi5
3)     Friendster
4)     WRETCH Korean don’t know if working
5)     MySpace
6)     Yahoo 360 degrees
7)     Facebook
8)     Blogger – sent to neuage

28th Tuesday added cape cod video and subway # 1 train to 7 sites

1)     iFilm both videos

2)     Metacafe cape cod video

3)     Bolt.com cape cod video

4)     youtube both videos Friendster uses youtube
5)     xanga just 01-train
6)     MySpace both videos

7)     hi5 just 01-train
8)     http://neuage.zippyvideos.com/ both videos GOOGLE’S VIDEOS

9)     http://www.travelervideos.com cape cod video
10)  Daily Motion
Added picture poem slides to neuage.org = 6202 hits at time

Uploaded about a dozen videos to google

clip by Terrell Neuage for ournews.mobi helping news to become mobile

Worked on story

Added new pages

Add to neuage sitemap



Add to ournews sitemap




Add to hvuc sitemap



29th Wednesday  added travelervideos


http://jettyday.blogspot.com/index.html – mobile blog

01-02 to Rochester did following clips:

1)     http://ournews.mobi/RoyalShow.html

2)     http://ournews.mobi/acrobats.html

3)     http://ournews.mobi/acrobats.htm

4)     http://ournews.mobi/leighPITCH.htm

5)     http://ournews.mobi/bongo.htm

6)     http://ournews.mobi/101.html

7)     http://ournews.mobi/MurrayRiver.htm

8)     http://ournews.mobi/BlueMountains.html

9)     http://ournews.mobi/100song.html

03 Sunday  google = 111 pages for ournews

added above and below to Google videos and youtube did following clips:

1)     http://ournews.mobi/Bruges.htm

2)     http://ournews.mobi/Hamburg05.htm

3)     http://ournews.mobi/15second.htm

4)     http://ournews.mobi/Prague.htm

5)     http://ournews.mobi/Singapore.htm

6)     http://ournews.mobi/PortRiver.htm

04 Monday

blog.ournews.mobi / blog.neuage.info

 05 Tuesay
Domain neuage.org
Domain neuage.info
neuage.mobi > /neuage.mobi
our-newsletter.info > /news
our-news.mobi > /our-news
ournews.mobi > /ournews 
hvuc.mobi > /ournews/HV
sample.ournews.mobi > /ournews/sample
sample1.ournews.mobi > /ournews/sample1
example.ournews.mobi > /ournews/example
example1.ournews.mobi > /ournews/example1Sub blog.neuage.info
Sub blog.ournews.mobi
Sub picture-poems.neuage.info > /pp

score – $ BUSINESS


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